With over 8 registered burglaries every hour and yearly more than 69,568 registered burglaries and attempts, domestic burglary continues to be one of the biggest crime problems in Belgium. Furthermore, domestic burglary is one of the only crimes within the European Union which rises in intensity. Therefore, the policy makers need to take action. With the financial help from the European Commission, we were able to investigate this problem. This project focuses specifically on improving the policy for domestic burglary prevention, in which there is also a focus on itinerant crime groups. This was carried out by evaluating the national and European policy and by searching for possibilities to strengthen the approach. In regard to this, we developed, provided and widely diffused a methodological step-by-step plan to realize a dynamic burglary policy plan. This step-by-step plan materialized through the organization of advisory boards, focus groups, field visits and a World Café. With this methodological step-by-step plan, we want to support other Member States by developing multiple methods, and improve our own national policy. The action plan developed during this project can serve as an example of a good practice and therefore inspire the policy makers in the other Member States.